Normalizes flow, quantum and pressure of blood circulation to all body cells so as to revitalize all body organs such as Intestine, Liver,Pancrease, Kidneys, Heart, Brain, Lungs, and Arteries etc.
  • Nervous system, Blood circulation, Joint problems Psychosomatic problems
  • Hair massage –good for brain, hair growth
  • Beneficial for eyes.
  • Increases moisture in lachrymal gland and it causes wetness in eyes.
  • Improves eyes sight.
  • Removes stiffness of joints.
  • Psychosomatic - as it gives relaxation to nerves improves circular.
  • Mind so that person get peace of mind ,sound sleep, relief from headache.
  • Constipation, indigestions, gastric problems.
  • Hair massage – open ups hair roots, slow down the hair loss problems, increases blood circulation in scalp so hair can get more nourishment thus lengthens the hair.
  • Face massage works like anti-aging therapy.

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