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SHIVASHRAM, spread over a land about 70,000 sq. feet yards on the constantly flowing banks of Narmanda Main Canal (NMC) in the state of Gujarat.
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Naturopathy are scientific systems which has adequate preventive / curative / rehabilitative & health promotive aspects.


Now a days, we hear much about Yoga. Common persons believe that yoga is not for them. Yoga is a kind of penance,

Mud Therapy

Mud is an important element of nature. It contains important minerals which have positive effects on human health.

Water Therapy

Boosts digestion and cures constipation, hyperacidity and gastric troubles

Hot & Cold AIR Therapy Development

air therapy offers sound and uninterrupted deep night sleep so as to get up for a fresh, relaxed morning.

Sun Bath

Early morning sunrays offer the only possible source of vital vitamin D to new borns.

Our Activities

  • Seminars and workshops on Yoga and Pranayama for special groups

  • Picnics and 'get-to-gether' programms for near by school and hostel children

  • Rural medical camps at nearby villages

  • Other camps on various disesses on regular intervals

  • Teacher's training in Yoga

  • Puja and social events on auspicious days such as Navratri, Deepawali,Holi etc.

  • Award funtions, special events, educational tours, specific healthcare, training etc.

  • Healthcare meetings of professionals and experts.

  • Herbal products made through the herbal plants cultivated in the garden.

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